You Might be an AIO Fan If… 2

You might be an AIO fan if… If Two-Bit Matthews in S. E. Hinton’s The Outsiders reminded you of Two-Bit, who was acted by Zach Callison who used to voice Matthew If you read The Outsiders because it was featured on the cover of a Clubhouse Magazine that also had a picture of Morrie on […]

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Theory I

I named this Theory I because I think I’ll probably be making more theorie posts later. Blackgaard as a Computer Program Dr. Regis Blackgaard – How he Could Logically be Behind Novacom I know what you’re thinking. Blackgaard was dead. Completely. No chance he’d come back. I know. I’ve listened to all the podcasts and […]

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The Day After Christmas

Story – First we’ve got a good ol’ intro story told by Chris. A girl gets a Betty Buckskin doll for Christmas and is unsatisfied, wanting a Motormouth doll to go with it. Chris says that Annie “got more Christmas presents than you could imagine.” Then, in the old AIO style (after several minutes of […]

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