Further from the Truth Notes

I was disappointed from the start. I expected too much out of this episode, not as much as Lee did, but far more than Garrett did.

The first disappointment was the intro. I had hoped for (and predicted) a Previously on Adventures in Odyssey intro, so when I heard Whit I was downed a bit. The intro music set a mysterious tone, so that lifted my spirits some. The theme of the music throughout the episode seems to be more mysterious than the episode really is – are we supposed to be reading into it a bit more? Are we missing something?

At the beginning, presumably because she just got kicked into the Imagination Station program Emily is lost in thought. Whit comes and says, “Earth to Emily.” He asks what she’s thinking about and she replies that she’s thinking about the escape room incident. Whit says that he looked at the modifications that had been made on the escape room, but nothing led to the person who did it. He also mentions that Detective Polehouse is looking into the matter.

Emily also says that she prefers being alone when Matthew is brought up. Rabbit trail: I think Matthew was blackmailed to not be part of the Jones and Parker Detective Agency. That’s why he hadn’t hinted at it before and seemed sad when he said it. He might even know that Morrie is the mysterious voice, or at least behind some of the unsolved mysteries (The Key Suspect, Parker for President).

Morrie comes and tells Whit that someone spilled a table of drinks in the library (what were they doing with drinks in the library? I guess just so Morrie could get Whit to leave in the program.) Then Emily says that he made the mess and Morrie says this:

“Awesome! Your detective skills are just… awesome!”

Morrie Rydell (Further from the Truth)

We know that he doesn’t really think this from Secret of the Writer’s Ruse. He seems to be trying to flatter Emily. Also, anyone would have known it was him who made the mess. Why else would he come down and tell about it?

Later, in the school I thought that Lee might have been right. It seemed like they could have continued The Key Suspect because all Emily’s things were missing, but I was disappointed that they didn’t. I shouldn’t let my hopes get up like that. They find a paper with a poem, Emily reads it and says they should check the library if they have the whole poem there. Again, Morrie says,


I don’t know about you, but I was suspicious when Morrie said he wanted to go along with Emily to see “how you solve it.” Then she finds another paper (in the poetry book) and decodes it to say, “Matthew.” She doesn’t like where this is leading and says that

“This whole thing could be someone’s idea of a joke.”

Emily (Further from the Truth)

They have to go to their classes. After those classes are over, Morrie brings Suzu over. Apparently he’s told her all about it because she says Matthew is missing, she overheard the school secretary calling the Parkers. For some reason she happened to be at the right place, at the right time to know this. Emily finally gets her locker open (after numerous attempts) and is surprised to find all her things are back.

There is another note in her locker and it says,

“Questions are good asked of the right people
People are good when making a truthful choice
The wrong questions asked to the wrong people can be a choice gone wrong

“Sounds like a warning”

Suzu (Further from the Truth)

is Suzu’s reaction to the note. Emily figures it out when she Morrie tells her there’s more on the other side: They need to go to the Parker’s house. When they get there the door is unlocked, so they go in with Emily reassuring them that they “go in each other’s houses all the time.” Maybe so, but I doubt they go in without permission when no one’s home. then later Morrie says this revealing line:

“What if someone’s helping us find proof of a wrong-doing — a mystery person helping us solve another mystery.”

Morrie (Further from the Truth)

I think this is what Morrie has been doing all along — PFP, TKS, SWR. He is helping them find proof of a greater wrong-doing by helping them solve other mysteries.

Emily remembers that the note says to go where the person thinks best, and knows that for Matthew that is his laptop. She opens it commenting on how she doesn’t know the password, but it opens up to a math puzzle instead. Morrie does quick mental math and tells them what prime numbers are. He says,

“I’m good with numbers.”

Morrie (Further from the Truth)

in a defensive-seeming tone of voice. When they solve it there is a riddle that Suzu takes to mean they should check for messages left on Mr. Parker’s old school (Emily says the “old school” part) phone. They do and Eugene has left a message saying that what was lost has now been found (again, Morrie demonstrates his [still fairly limited as we’ll see later] Bible knowledge in his programming of the Imagination Station adventure). They go to Whit’s End and Eugene says that it was his phone that he lost and Matthew helped him find it. They suggest he check it for anything strange and Eugene realizes that all of his pictures (for scientific and family purposes, he wouldn’t be a “shutter-bug”) are gone. Morrie then says,

“And it doesn’t matter anyway, since now we’ve hit a dead end.”

Morrie (Further from the Truth)

But, of course, Eugene backs up all of his photos on his own personal server (he wouldn’t use something like Google Drive or iCloud). Emily notices something in the background of a picture of Buck. She asks Eugene to zoom in. He zooms in, and the sound effect for the phone zooming in sounded like Dr. Blackgaard taking his mask off in Blackgaard’s Revenge, Part 1 of 2. She sees Matthew handing Whit an envelope. Whit walks up and Emily asks what was in the envelope and Whit gives it to her saying that it is a message to her from Matthew.

The note says that Matthew left clues for her because he is being held by the man who trapped them in the escape room. Emily sees through it. Matthew walks through a door and congratulates her on solving the mystery (this parallels the ending of Secret of the Writer’s Ruse). She thinks that it still doesn’t make sense. Whit quotes a verse, and Emily says, “That’s from James, right?” Whit says it is (this is the part I was talking about with the limitations of Morrie’s bible knowledge). She then claims that the whole day has been an Imagination Station adventure and yells, “End program!” confidently. Nothing happens. Whit’s voice breaks up a bit with some static and changes pitch. Later Morrie’s voice changes between his normal voice and the Mysterious Voice when he says,

“Find and protect?”

Morrie / Mysterious Voice (Further from the Truth)

After the music comes to a climax, the Mysterious Voice says, “End program” and the program ends with Emily standing next to the sink in the Whit’s End kitchen. She explains to Mr. Whittaker that it felt like a day and asks how long it really was. He says it lasted about 10 minutes.

“There were gaps in the logic.”

Emily (Further from the Truth)

she says. She tells him that it did make her think about what “we had talked about earlier.” Then Whit says this line that makes me shudder because it sounds so much like a Morrie line:

“Then some good came out of this after all”

John (Further from the Truth)

Emily then relates that to the escape room incident, saying good came out of bad both times. Emily then connects the dots that someone (presumably Morrie) was the one who programmed the Imagination Station adventure and was also behind “a lot of other strange stuff” that had happened. When Whit asks, “Who?” we cut to another scene.

Morrie is coming into Suzu’s room and they talk about how strange Emily’s Imagination Station adventure was. Suzu is looking for her notebook. Morrie finds it and leafs through it.

“Japanese is such a beautiful written language. Maybe you could teach me someday”

– Morrie

“When you’re ready, maybe.”

– Suzu

Morrie gives her her notebook and says,

“Good night… sis.”

Suzu says,

“Good night, brother.

You Might be an AIO Fan If…

  • you read The Gifts of the Maji just to see how accurate Gifts for Madge and Guy is.
  • the top results in your search bar when you type “a” are:
  • you get strange looks when people ask you what song you’re listening to and you say it’s not a song but “an audio drama called Adventures in Odyssey.”
  • when someone mentions the name “Clara” your eyes well up with tears.
  • when someone asks you if you would like a muffin you can’t help but think about Arthur Dent
  • whenever people talk about applesauce you think of a computer program
  • a ceiling fan is a podcast in your mind
  • if you’ve ever said indubitably
  • you’re more afraid of mind control than any horror movie you’ve ever seen. And you’re 22.
  • you wish I had time to make more of these. Maybe I’ll make another post of them someday.
  • when you read The Pilgrim’s Progress you read the first few sentences aloud to see if Tom really should have needed to stumble over the words
  • Speaking of authors: You might be an Adventures in Odyssey fan if you’ve read several Robert Louis Stevenson books because Whit enjoys them

That’s all. If you have any others, then let me know in the comments or on Twitter @jay_smouse.

Update from Nathan Hoobler

When asked what the title(s) of episodes 898 and 899 were, I was told that the titles would be revealed next month.

“If you know the names of those episodes, you’ll know more than we do. They haven’t been titled yet! We’ll likely reveal titles next month – when they’ve been decided.”

Nathan Hoobler

Is Blackgaard behind Novacom?

A few days ago, JaySmouse wrote a post about why Dr. Blackgaard is still alive. He also theorized that he is behind Novacom. Does this story have merit?

In favor

he definitely could have (and probably did) survive the explosion to die or be arrested while working on some other plan to take over the world. Novacom maybe?


Well, the question is: does the Chairman have someone behind him? The two options in that case are Blackgaard, or some anonymous character. Even if he’s not alive, he could still be behind it. Maybe he planned it, but died, so the Chairman took over. We may never know.

Not in favor

On the bonus scene on the Novacom saga compilation, the writers state that they had plans, or thoughts of making him behind it. They knew he was dead though, and cut him from the story.

So, what do you think?

Signed, The one from the AIO Insider

Some Information Regarding Morrie

“Morrie is very likely to appear in album 69. This album will pick up where Album 68 left off. We have brainstormed a title for the album, but I’m not ready to release it just yet. More info coming soon!”

Nathan Hoobler

We already knew that Morrie would be in the first episode of Album 69, but now we know that they have a title and more info is coming soon!

Nothing to Fear


Story – Chris’s intro story is funny. A kid is confronting the “monster under the bed” with a baseball bat and it turns out to be a cat. Shirley is afraid of “just about everything,” says Chris. Jake says that he isn’t afraid of anything. The intro lasts 3:20 (min:sec).

Luther the Mouse makes his first appearance in this episode. Shirley is afraid of him. “I don’t know why she doesn’t lock herself in the closet all the time.” She is even afraid of Mr. Whittaker when he wears his big black overcoat. Whit talks about good and bad fears. Whit asks what happens when you turn on a light in a room.

“I stop shaking.”


Whit helps Shirley overcome her fear of mice. When she holds him she gets bitten and drops him. Luther runs away. She goes home so that her mother, who’s a nurse, can look at her hand. Jake says he’s got a plan to get Shirley to face all her fear. Shirley dreams that a giant version of Luther is knocking at her window. He talks to her saying he’ll swallow her whole. Her mom comes in and she wakes up.

Jake and Danny go to the corner table to discuss how to teach Shirley a lesson about being afraid. Danny doesn’t like it. Jake tells him to keep Connie busy while Shirley and Jake go down into the rigged basement of Whit’s End. Jake calls Danny “thick.”

“This is gonna scare her so bad that all the other little things that used to scare her won’t scare her anymore.”


Jake gets Shirley to come down into the basement by saying that Whit told him to tell her to come down. She says she doesn’t like basements because they’re creepy when they’re down. He turns on a clown that waves its hands and laughs. He then talks about rats in the basement. The pipes start making noises. He says that they are “probably” water pipes. The lights go off. Shirley starts crying. Jake trips over his booby trap and boxes fall down on him.

He twisted his ankle and dropped the flashlight when the boxes fall on him. Shirley yells for help but no one can hear them because Danny is running the trains upstairs like Jake told him to. Jake tells her that she has to go back for help. She leaves. The pipes make noises again, and she is afraid. She prays. Whit opens the door and Shirley tells him to hurry because Jake hurt his leg. Whit’s meeting was cancelled because Mayor Perkins was away. Jake tore his ligament.

“His father said he’d be grounded til he’s 25”


She says that the experience was good for her and she isn’t afraid anymore. Connie brings in a bug and Shirley screams. Whit and Connie laugh, which I thought was strange.

Sound design – The sound designers deserve a hundred percent on that dream, especially considering that this was before the time of digital audio editing and they only had eight tracks (They might have had more by this point, correct me if I’m wrong. But I think that they still had just eight).

Dr. Regis Blackgaard is Still Alive – Here's Why That's Possible

Theory II

The Blackgaard Chronicles books have revealed a lot about our favorite villain. Besides backstory and more detail on his nefarious schemes they have also given me evidence that Dr. Regis Blackgaard is still alive. In the latest installment as of the writing of this post, Rook’s Ruse, Regis was finding his way through a series of tunnels under Odyssey.

One of these tunnels leads to the Whit’s End tunnel. That’s right, the same tunnel where Dr. Blackgaard set off the explosives in The Final Conflict. They did not find his body after the explosion, or at least we don’t hear about it. Why would Blackgaard set off explosives on himself like that? Well, he knew about all of the tunnels. The explosion sent him through a thin wall into another tunnel. The hole he was hurtled through was filled in by rocks and dirt from the explosion.

I’m not saying Blackgaard is necessarily still alive today or behind the Rydell Saga, but he definitely could have (and probably did) survive the explosion to die or be arrested while working on some other plan to take over the world. Novacom? Maybe. You decide and let me know what you think of this theory in the comments!

Promises, Promises


Story – Chris is waiting for her friend Phil. The Whit intro plays. Chris calls Phil. He’s tired but remembers that he promised to bring her bowling. Phil says he’s sorry. Chris talks about making promises.

Connie is writing a letter to Marcie in California. She says that she’s been quite busy and her mom gets weird sometimes. She’s gotten a dog called Kitty. She explains that she is working at a place called Whit’s End. The name almost makes sense, she says. Connie says he’s sometimes a little slow.

Tom asks if Whit has anything planned.

“I plan to spend the evening with a cup of hot cocoa and Robert Louis Stevenson”


John Avery Whittaker is like no one I’ve ever met, especially in California. “All the kids in town think he’s great.” He makes Whit’s End a fun place to work. She says she enjoys working for him because he really listens. There’s something about him that makes you want to open up to him. He takes being a Christian very seriously, she writes.

When we cut to a scene with a conversation between Connie and Whit Chris is the announcer on a radio. They are talking about people’s natures. Connie thinks everyone is good deep down inside, but Whit says that that’s not the case. Connie thinks that people can change if they just put their minds to it. Connie says that she’ll prove him wrong:

“I hereby promise to treat everyone I meet with kindness, gentleness, and patience from now on.”

Signed, Connie Kendall

They change the promise to say that she must be patient for four weeks. Right away she has trouble with being patient with a customer. She noticed that people were a lot nicer to her. But then came trouble. She was sitting in the Inventor’s Corner where Whit was reading riddles to the kids. He tells Connie to read one. She says it’s easy. She gets really annoyed with them because they couldn’t figure it out. She realizes that she called them “so dense” and runs off.

She continues writing saying that when she first got to Odyssey she wanted to leave as soon as possible. She says that now she is starting to like Odyssey better. Connie signs off. Phil arrives after Chris waited half an hour for him.

Acting – Chris did a good job being the radio announcer.

Previous Episode (The Day After Christmas)

Rydell Saga Episode #7 – Unofficial Trailer 1

I just threw this together. Please comment to let me know what you think of it. Hopefully I’m getting better at doing this (editing audio).

I plan to do some more (hopefully better ones) before it releases.

Theory I

I named this Theory I because I think I’ll probably be making more theorie posts later.

  1. Blackgaard as a Computer Program

Dr. Regis Blackgaard – How he Could Logically be Behind Novacom

I know what you’re thinking. Blackgaard was dead. Completely. No chance he’d come back. I know. I’ve listened to all the podcasts and bonus features about it too. Just stay with me here. Dr. Blackgaard was able to put himself into an Imagination Station program. What would stop him from making copies of that on some other hard drive(s)?

 “You fool.You understand now? I don’t need your God. I’ve come up with my own way to have eternal life!” <Slow, strained voice> “Wait—wait… something is… wrong. This… isn’t what’s supposed… to… happen. What’s… going… on?”

Regis Blackgaard

He could have given instruction on how to complete his scheme with the Ruku virus and a backup plan – mind control. He knew about Applesauce and the Imagination Stations capabilities far better than any other villain. He could have been the mastermind behind how to turn the IS tech into a mind control device. This brings us back to the latest installment in the Adventures in Odyssey series: Further from the Truth. In it, a box of Imagination Station technology sitting in the same room as Emily caused her to go on and “adventure” created by a villain. Reminding anyone of Novacom and Blackgaard’s Revenge, Parts 1 & 2?

Anyway, let’s get a little more into it. I don’t have as much evidence for Blackgaard being behind Novacom, but he could have been the Chairman. What I do have evidence for, however, is that he could be behind Morrie. In The Key Suspect we don’t know who he’s typing to. It could be Blackgaard. It could be someone we’ve never seen. It could be a journal he’s keeping. The hard evidence I’ve got (so far) for him being a part of the Rydell saga, however is this:

Aubrey Shepard: “You’re just a computer program.”

Regis Blackgaard: “Ah, but I’m a program that knows the truth. What is that saying? The truth shall set you free. I want to set you free, Aubrey.”

Blackgaard’s Revenge, Part 1

I don’t think I need to state the obvious. Okay, I will, just in case anyone who isn’t a member of the AIO Club (or for some reason hasn’t listened to it – LISTEN TO IT) is reading this. Near the end of the Imagination Station program Emily starts figuring out how to get out of the program. She says this:

“The truth will set you free.”

Emily (Further from the Truth)

Is it a coincidence that in two episodes where someone is being kept in the Imagination Station against their will by a villain in a villain-made program someone says that “the truth will (or shall) set you free?” I don’t think so. Anyway, that’s the end of part one of my first theories post. I might update this later to include more parts (like how Blackgaard could have survived).

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