You Might be an AIO Fan If… 4

You might be an AIO fan if… Imagination Station episodes counted as an extra history lesson you’ve recently read the poem “Christmas Bells” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow you dip your cookies in orange juice one of the most exciting mobile app updates ever was the big 2019 Club app update you’ve ever made your own […]

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1 Year Anniversary

One year ago, on December 31st GMT I published my first post. Since then my blog has grown a lot; my first follower (GabrielMatthew) subscribing to Adventures in Opinions on January 20th this year. Here’s list of everyone who has followed this blog in 2020: Followers GabrielMatthew Raegan Gracie M Michael LaFaver Riley Davison amecily […]

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Album 70 Expectations

The first episode of Album 70 is releasing on the Adventures in Odyssey club in a few hours. I’m going to discuss my expectations of the episodes before they begin to release. Jumping Off, Jumping In Wyatt starts taking silly risks, like eating hot chips, leaping from sheds, and venturing into the lair of a […]

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Episodes I Consider Classics

There’s not much today, but I thought I would compile a list of episodes that I consider “classics”. These would be episodes that I’ve listened to many times and/or episodes I first listened to a long time ago. The first album I got was the Faith Launch album, so all the episodes on there are […]

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Family Vacation, Part 2

Story – Chris brings us straight back to Jimmy’s journal. The stranger comes up and asks if he can take a look at the Barclay’s car. The problem seems to be the gas pump. The stranger’s name was Chester, and he walked with George to his shop.  They went to get his tow truck and […]

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Family Vacation, Part 1

I want to start moving from episode reviews to other kinds of posts, but since I already had some of my Album 2 reviews written I thought I might as well post them. If you want me to continue doing episode reviews, you can let me know and I’ll take your comment into consideration. Anyway, […]

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