The Raging Question

NOTE: This post is in part a response to the Was Morrie Right? series on AIO Audio News. I recommend that you listen to those before reading this post. Was Morrie Right? This question has been going through the AIO community ever since The Rydell Revelations, Part 3 debuted on the Adventures in Odyssey Club. […]

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The Rydell Revelations Trailer

No, I’m not copying Lee. I was working on this before Lee Acim released his latest trailer. Hopefully I’m getting better at this, but feel free to let me know what I can do better next time. Oh, and sorry, for some reason Audacity put a long pause between the trailer and Phil Lollar saying […]

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Album 69, Title and Blurb

Album 69 is confirmed to be titled “Best Kept Secrets” and will answer our pressing questions about Morrie Rydell. Here’s the blurb: Long-held secrets are uncovered and major revelations are commonplace in Adventures in Odyssey Album 69: Best Kept Secrets. Listeners have long wondered about Morrie Rydell’s plans for the kids in Odyssey. All will be […]

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Update from Nathan Hoobler

When asked what the title(s) of episodes 898 and 899 were, I was told that the titles would be revealed next month. “If you know the names of those episodes, you’ll know more than we do. They haven’t been titled yet! We’ll likely reveal titles next month – when they’ve been decided.” Nathan Hoobler

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Theory I

I named this Theory I because I think I’ll probably be making more theorie posts later. Blackgaard as a Computer Program Dr. Regis Blackgaard – How he Could Logically be Behind Novacom I know what you’re thinking. Blackgaard was dead. Completely. No chance he’d come back. I know. I’ve listened to all the podcasts and […]

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Further from the Truth Notes

I was disappointed from the start. I expected too much out of this episode, not as much as Lee did, but far more than Garrett did. The first disappointment was the intro. I had hoped for (and predicted) a Previously on Adventures in Odyssey intro, so when I heard Whit I was downed a bit. […]

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