Story – The name of the man in the sketch is Filmore, which matches the name of the Recreation Centre that gets turned into Whit’s End in this episode.Connie is once again late, and mistakes Tom who was under the sink for Whit. He tells her that Whit is at the cemetery. Connie is surprised […]

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A Member of the Family, Part 2

Story – Chris simply introduces the episode by stating that it is the conclusion to A Member of the Family. Jana is explaining to Whit that Monty said he wants to stay with Whit because he loves him more than Jana. He explained that he had spanked Monty, and Jana doesn’t like it. He says […]

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Nothing to Fear

Story – Chris’s intro story is funny. A kid is confronting the “monster under the bed” with a baseball bat and it turns out to be a cat. Shirley is afraid of “just about everything,” says Chris. Jake says that he isn’t afraid of anything. The intro lasts 3:20 (min:sec). Luther the Mouse makes his […]

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Promises, Promises

Story – Chris is waiting for her friend Phil. The Whit intro plays. Chris calls Phil. He’s tired but remembers that he promised to bring her bowling. Phil says he’s sorry. Chris talks about making promises. Connie is writing a letter to Marcie in California. She says that she’s been quite busy and her mom […]

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The Day After Christmas

Story – First we’ve got a good ol’ intro story told by Chris. A girl gets a Betty Buckskin doll for Christmas and is unsatisfied, wanting a Motormouth doll to go with it. Chris says that Annie “got more Christmas presents than you could imagine.” Then, in the old AIO style (after several minutes of […]

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