Episodes I Consider Classics

There’s not much today, but I thought I would compile a list of episodes that I consider “classics”. These would be episodes that I’ve listened to many times and/or episodes I first listened to a long time ago. The first album I got was the Faith Launch album, so all the episodes on there are in this list.

  • Gifts for Madge and Guy
    • This was on the “A Christmas Sampler” album. It was given to me as a Christmas gift.
  • Promises, Promises
    • I’m not going to comment on all the episodes from the Faith Launch album. I’m not sure where I got the album from, but I listened to the episodes on it many, many times.
  • The Prodigal, Jimmy
  • A Worker Approved
  • The Imagination Station, Parts 1 and 2
  • A Bite of Applesauce
    • When I was 6 or 7, I was terrified to listen to this episode because I knew how it would end. For some reason the re-listens were far worse because of the fact that I knew that they would get caught.
  • The Barclay Family Ski Vacation
    • I don’t remember when I first heard this episode, but it was long ago.
  • Into Temptation
  • Forever… Amen
    • I really liked this episode, and it continues to be a favourite of mine to this day.
  • Preacher’s Kid
  • Where Is Thy Sting?
  • Hidden In My Heart
  • Bernard and Job
  • Gloobers
    • This was another scary one for me, but not quite as bad as A Bite of Applesauce.
  • A Lamb’s Tale
    • This one also came on the Christmas sampler album.

These are just some of the episodes I heard the earliest, I listened to the Blackgaard Chronicles some time later and re-listened to those episodes many times. What episodes did you first hear? Are they still among your favourites? Let me know in a comment!

2 thoughts on “Episodes I Consider Classics

  1. I started listening to AIO when I was like seven or eight. I think the first album I heard was “The Wildest Summer Ever”. I don’t like those episodes as much as the later ones, but they were still good.

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