You Might be an AIO Fan If… 2

You might be an AIO fan if…

  • If Two-Bit Matthews in S. E. Hinton’s The Outsiders reminded you of Two-Bit, who was acted by Zach Callison who used to voice Matthew
  • If you read The Outsiders because it was featured on the cover of a Clubhouse Magazine that also had a picture of Morrie on it
  • If when you heard Ephesians 4:25 in church you did a double take
  • If you created a Gravatar / account so that you could comment on AIO blogs
  • If you’ve ever put on a Chris wrap-up when you couldn’t fall asleep (just so no one gets the wrong idea, this is because many people listen to an episode before going to sleep and, obviously, they end with Chris’s voice)
  • If you have a fear of staplers
  • If the majority of your online interactions take place on AIO-themed sites
  • If you’ve ever tried to convince someone to try out an evangelical Christian audio drama created for 8-12 year-olds – and they don’t even know what an audio drama is.
  • If you learned how to use Wikipedia from the AIO Wiki
  • If trucking companies and mind control have something in common to you (if you don’t know what I mean, see here)
  • If you have Audacity installed on your computer

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