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I plan to review every episode released of Adventures in Odyssey.


I currently think that I will try to review many episodes in chronological order, starting with Whit’s Flop. I will also review new episodes or episodes that are fun to review out of order. These will be categorized as OOO (Out of Order) reviews. When I come to that episode in the chronological process, I’ll move it to a normal post in the order.

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4 thoughts on “Intro & Info

  1. “JaySmouse. . .” You’re the one who commented on an AIOWiki Podcast as well as (which is how I found this fansite because you inputted your website when writing a comment there). Though, why are you trying to impersonate Jay Smouse of Odyssey. If he happens to stumble across the AIO fansites of which you appear on. . . Of course, assuming you arn’t the real Jay Smouse.

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